Sunday, September 9, 2012

Concert. Rain. and a Foam Pit

Hey Guys....

So I have had a pretty crazy yet fun weekend. Friday I went out after work for a few drinks and then I came home to some yummy slow cooked pork!!!
This was my yummy dinner and it also included roasted Asparagus!!! Such a good dinner... There really is nothing better than having dinner done and ready for you when you come home to eat it!

Saturday I went into Boston for MixFest which is a FREE CONCERT hosting Andy Grammer!!!!
Then Came on my FAVORITE!!!! GAVIN DEGRAW!!!
I absolutely love him!!!
Gavin is MY favorite singer. I had seen one time before, just before my 21st birthday and he was awesome. I wanted to remember how awesome the night was so I copied down his set list. Yep best Set List EVER!!
Gavin's Set List 
In Love with a Girl 
Solider ( His New Single )
I Don't Wanna Be
Follow Through
I Need a Dollar ( Cover of Aloe Blacc)
Chemical Party
Not Over You ( Encore)
The Concert was amazing. We missed a few songs of Andy Grammer because they started early to hopefully be out of there before it rained. It rained a little when Gavin played, it just drizzled. The Heavens waited until Train took the stage before they let it rain!!!! Yep that's right, following Gavin was train. 

It was kinda cool when a few of his rocking songs came on, Like Meet Virginia and umm Drops of Rain on Boston... I mean Drops of Jupiter... it started to rain. Very interesting but it definitely cooled me off. I had such a great time it was an AMAZING CONCERT!!!

Sunday I woke up and within minutes I was on the way to a gym to do some Gymnastics... WAHHHH Yep I got to show off my skills or lack there of as far as what I can do. I did a few AWFUL cart wheels, bridges,   Handstands on the wall, Jumped off into the foam pit, went on the Tramp o line... Yep it was fun... Then I did some shopping with Meg!

Just finishing up and I will be heading to bed. My nice and clean bedroom,with a whole room of clean clothes all folded and put away! I love when I get my chores done!!!! See ya in the A.M. There may or may not be some good news coming soon!!!!


Look how stinking cute my baby is! He fell asleep on the LoveSeat while Mike watched the Pats game... and I was out shopping... he is amazing. I love my Ace Face!!!

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