Friday, September 14, 2012

Happy Birthday Dan...Tabata!!!

Let me start off by saying, HAPPY BIRTDHAY DAN!!!! 
What an OLD Man!!!!
Dan got an Inversion Table from Megan for his birthday and he loves it. He is going to be hanging upside down all the time now. The dogs like it too which is strange since they don’t even know what it is. Anywho, the Martin Family will be invading the house tomorrow and so that will be fun… The month of September birthdays continues.....

So last night I decided that I would swap todays workout for yesterdays. I am doing a 2 week crossfit Work out plan at home… It tells me what to do when and what days to rest. Its pretty cool. Mike agreed to join me but bailed last night, but I’ll get him to start tonight.

This is SUPER Cool... It does all the timing for you and Ace loved hearing the random beeps

 Last night I did Tabata instead of what was scheduled for the simple fact that Burpees were on the list and the only spot in the house with substantial carpet had an inversion table being set up. So I here is what I did.
4 Mins of a workout with 20 seconds on and 10 Seconds off

Today I am SUPER Sore… which means these next two weeks are going to kick my butt, and I am going to be super sore.

I did however buy a massage deal off Groupon. Who loves Groupon and Living Social deals? I think I have a small obsession with these things!!! Happy Friday!!!


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