Monday, September 3, 2012

"Hey I need to jump in their picture"

The Happiest 5K on Earth!!!

This weekend was CRAY CRAY.... So Friday I got up bright and early and headed into work, Now that I am fully trained on CMS I had a TON of work to do. So after a cup of hot coffee and a Massive Iced Coffee that I brought with me I got into work in record time and knocked out all of my work and was done by 10:30. I left for my three day weekend and headed home to grab Mikey and Ace for our roadtrip to Jersey. Scott followed behind us to his  house.

Ready to Ride!!
We got to Jersey with pretty much no traffic, and decided to have dinner with my family. Mike was craving pizza since we haven't had it in like MONTHS and so we had a few slices of pizza, only one for me and I had a massive salad. It was delish and then we headed to our Hotel.

Bill and Paul arrived shortly after us and you can surely tell that we still have yet to grow up.
I <3 my friends
Yea thats right I had Friends on in the hotel, Bill and the boys wanted to watch Family Guy but Friends is SO MUCH BETTER even if I can recite every single episode.... Man I want to look like Rachel Green....

So we got up ready and dressed for the Color run after only a few hours of sleep. We got 3 miles from the track and sat in an hour n a half of traffic. Oh and I also realized that I forgot the bib for one of friends so someone wasn't going to be running I was so pissed... After being a grouch for like 20 mins we all went towards the start line. I must have had a puppy dog face on because the woman behind the table at the check in tent just handed me a bib when I told her I left one at home... YAY EVERYON GETS TO RUN!!!

A group of us ran and walked the race, our walk was fast and our run was a good pace. It was way too crowded. My goal is to RUN and ENTIRE 5K before the end of the year. It probably wont be an official one, but one of these weekends I plan on just going for it...

Notice my awesome Zebra print Shorts :)
"Hey I need to jump into their picture"
Our friend Roe from college (WNEC) saw us taking a picture and so she wanted to jump in and we loved that... Yeah I am THAT girl who walks up to strangers and asks them to take our picture...

Fast Forward to right now... I am in heaven. Got to sleep in until 8am and cuddle with my Puppy and then I came out on my deck in my comfy clothes and my bright pink bathrobe with coffee and my blog. Best way to wake up and enjoy the morning... On the To Do list for today, Hit up Old Navy and Kohls for some labor day shopping, Go to the grocery store so we have Food in the house and then stock up on some new toys for the pup. We also need to clean out the lingering color out of Mikes car... Yep its gonna be a busy day but a fun one :)


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