Monday, September 17, 2012

I work out....

So I have been sticking to my workouts and I am still doing the two week crossfit challenge at home. I switched up some of the workouts but I have done all of them so far. I am not letting excuses creep in. If I want to go out at night, then I better be waking up early and working out, or I must do it when I get home and do the whole shower thing again.

Thurs, Fri, and Sat I was sooooooooooo sore. I was supposed to work out on Saturday and rest on Sunday. I had a lot to do around the house on Saturday, so once I had my coffee I got to work, Up and Down stairs and in here and over there, I was moving all morning. I hopped in the car to make a quick run to Whole Foods which is only 5 mins away and I was stiff and so sore once I got out. So on Saturday I “rested” and did my workout on Sunday.

This week is going to be rough but I will make it work. I am determined to shed a few pounds and to tone up. I want to get a little leaner and gain more muscle by the end of the year. I am attending a wedding in November so I want to look good in a new dress that I plan on buying myself. My goal is to be too thin to wear the few dresses I have in my closet and to have my arms toned so they look good, in a strapless dress. If I don’t get leaner and more toned I don’t buy the dress! Simple as that.

I think that is a good goal for me. I am happy for the most part with how I look, I want to have my abs peaking out by next summer that is my long term goal. I am not looking for a full six pack, but definitely to loose all the excess flub and have a more defined mid section. I need to have long term and short term goals to keep me on track. My brain is reprogrammed to know what I can and can’t eat. I am very good with keeping the cheats to a minimum and I get pissed when I go for a cheat that isn’t work it.

I am finally getting in control of my life and diet. Oh yeah and I feel so much HAPPIER when I work out!


How awesome do I look in my Miles Austin Jersey. 
 True Story: Mike bought that for me for my 23rd birthday and it's a women's Medium
-->and it was very tight and barely fit over my hips and I NEVER wore it and now I love wearing it. I feel so cute and stylish… PS I bought him that Jersey and its personalized and Yep I am a Cowboys Fan and he’s a Pat’s fan… We make it work!

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