Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Jeans Shopping = Success

Yesterday was labor day and we had the day off so Mike and I headed out to Old Navy to buy me new jeans and I had so much fun... Wait I had fun shopping for jeans? WTF mate, yup turns out Paleo has me down 4 jeans sizes and amost 5... Since Feb... thats insane in the membrane (bill nye refrence anyone?)

Anywho, after some shopping at Old navy we hit up Bj's, Lowe's and Whole Foods. When we got home I divided up all the meat for the freezer and then swept and mopped the entire upstairs of my house... Talk about a ton of dog hair. After completing my chores I went out on the deck to enjoy some snacks and some cocktails. :)

These Are Bomb... Almond meal and rice ( not Paleo) crackers... They are not 100% Paleo but a good substitution for a cracker. So holiday parties coming up, buy these instead of Ritz, They are yummy and crunchy and have ZERO sugar :)
 I love my Senor Frogs Shirt Which Reads: I take everyday with a Pinch of salt a slice of lime and shot of Tequila!
Me and a Marg and my Senor Frog Shirt... 

Guac and plantain Chips
Back to work and back to school for many, This is what I brought for lunch today... I am planning on bringing my lunch as many days as possible. To save money. Check out what I brought today....
Salami, Carrots and Ranch Dressing (not 100% paleo but close) an apple and some Raspberry Lime Seltzer in my WNEC cup!! :) So yummy

How are you guys doing in Paleo land... Any weight loss goals in mind or accomplishments?


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