Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Month of Birthdays

September is always a CRAZY month. This year is especially crazy, Tomorrow is Megan's Birthday!
 and also our friend Joe's Birthday...
 Then Tracey's Birthday is on the 10th of September... Tracey is also PREGNANT which I couldn't say before but now I can shout it to the roof Tops!!! Yay!!!!
I nicknamed her baby Haas :)

Then Its Dan's Birthday... yep him and Meggles are in each others pictures... Yup they are an item or an old married couple like me and Mikey :)
Then Mike and Dan's Uncle Paul and Grandpa are both born in September...
 Let's then not forget my friend for forever and also my wifey... we got married in a pool when we were kids, she turns 25 on the 24th :)
My Wifey
Lindsay My Twin "her" birthday is on the 27th
Yep I said twin...
My Other College life Twin is also on the same day...

And of Course my Bestest in the World... was born One Year and TWO days after me... Miss Emily Jeane

Idk if you noticed but September is an awesome month to be born... and I have GREAT looking friends :)

*Trick Question... Did I forget anyone?


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