Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Oye...Pizza an American Staple?

Gluten Free Diets and people that are on them is something I just don't get? Promise me Eat Weird Readers that you don't just read my blog and then take what I have to say and just believe it. What I write on her is my opinion and my research on what is healthy for MY body type. I believe that Paleo can make you feel better, however I can't prove it will make you live longer or anything like that. This space is for me to vent and try out ideas, share recipes and point and laugh at journalists who write articles with quotes like this in them...

"Giving up gluten basically means abandoning most of the staples of the American diet: cereal, sandwiches, pizza, beer, cookies, and cakes."

I am pretty sure that if that is what the typical diet for American primarily consists of then I have cracked the case on why our obesity rates are so darn high...

What this article says is that a lot of people are going Gluten Free... but WHY? If you have Celiac's disease then you may put your hand down, but if your buying foods that say they are gluten free then I need an explanation.

I don't eat grains therefore I don't eat gluten, I gain vitamins from veggies and fruits or I take a supplement. My biggest question is why aren't people taking a more serious look at there life and the foods they eat. Why are u eating grains, and rice and quinoa, and flax seeds, do you like the taste or are you following a fad?

Have you ever noticed that a fad diet starts then gets ridiculed, if it lasts it becomes HUGE and then all the Big Time vendors start to get there hands on it.  All the General Mills Cereals that I grew up eating, they weren't made with "whole grains" when I ate them, but now they do. In fact you can't even buy it with out it anymore. More and more big companies jump on the bandwagon of fad diets, they create low fat foods, or diet versions.

Do you know what can't change the packaging and join the Fad Diet Bandwagon Fresh Fruits and Veggies, and locally grown cattle and chickens. Support your local farmers and do some research before you label yourself.


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