Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Run Fur Fun

Maybe if I looked like this when I ran... I'd enjoy running
 So NO I haven't caught the 5K running bug and anyone who knows me knows that I loathe running... even though I read running blog after running blog in envy of the people who run daily. I love the feeling and being able to say I ran X amount of miles, in X amount of time. It's also super cheap and you can run anywhere and you don't need equipment.

I just hate the actual task... I am not very good at running, I am super clumsy and I hate hearing my breathing during a run I sound like a woman who has smoked a pack a day since she was born. G-ROSS… Anywho Dan has taken a liking into helping Mike and I work out and also in challenging me to a weight loss challenge… You going down Dan!!!

Last night I failed miserably at attempting Handstands, Truth is I have no confidence in my upper body even though I am probably stronger now then I have ever been. I need to work on hand stands and walking up the wall. I also have been working on RING HOLDS. I think the reason I can’t come close to doing pull ups is because I have zero grip strength and mixed with my lack of upper body strength it’s a deadly combination. So I am working harder to correct this.
So Envious!!!
 Truth is I turn 25 tomorrow and I want to be on the path to being in the best shape of my life and I need to HELP myself. I am tired of wishing and wanting so I am taking my mental game up a notch and making it happen. I want to be healthy and fit from this point on. Yep I want to be a “hot mom” someday and so better start now right! Mike has gotten better when it comes to being willing to work out so I am encouraging it. GO MIKE!

In an effort to make this a family affair I want Ace Face to join in the fun… So we as a family are signed up for the MSPCA Run Fur Fun. It’s a 5K and I am going to train with Ace and he’s going to do it. He has gone on hikes with Dan and Meg and I know he can do it. Running 3.1 miles I am not sure, but I plan on starting him off slow. Tonight Ace Face and I will run a mile and see how we do. I’ll keep you updated on his progress in the Paleo Puppy Section.


PS ---This Chick recommended the book Let’s Pretend This Never Happened, which was written byThis Woman, who is lets just say AWESOME!!! I can’t put it down… I am hooked. I kind of want to read a little at work. Yep so go and buy it!

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