Monday, September 10, 2012

Six Years and Counting...

So it was 6 years ago today that I woke up, freshman in college and severely hung over. I remember waking up in a random room of a random bed. My friend Ryan passed out on his own floor and me in his bed. What a gentlemen. His roommate in a ball on his bed passed out. I woke up thinking where am I, and thought Hmmm maybe you should go to the bathroom before you paint his walls a new color of black cherry vodka. I puked, and walked back to my room, with a pounding headache and a queasy stomach. My roommate told me to drink water and tea and to eat pretzels. While in bed trying to recover I remembered it was Tracey’s Birthday and decided to call her and wish her a Happy Birthday and also to get the cure for a hangover: her idea, to suck on the salt of pretzels and eat a greasy piece of pizza or greasy burger! Tracey for the win. It was her Birthday and 6 years later what do you know she is still born on the same day! Happy Birthday Tracey! I hope HASS parties in your uterus today! ( She’s preggo and I nicknamed the fetus HAAS) ( They still don’t know the sex and she follows the size of the baby online and each week it’s a new fruit or vegetable, My favorite one was the avocado stage since I LOVE avocado so I nicknamed it Haas.)
Happy Birthday Tracey!!!
Anyways back to the story. As I sobered up I remembered that I Kissed a Boy Last Night ( and I Liked It). But I wasn’t sure what he felt. So I called my BFF and got some “great” advice, she told me MOST guys don’t think too much of drunk kisses so play it cool and act like you don’t remember it. Well later we all met for breakfast and I saw Mike for the first time, He was hung over too… Anyways he asked me about the kiss and I said “ ohhh man we kissed I totally don’t remember that” Welp his face went sad and I immediately said I REMEMBER and then told him how it happened. Yep It was classic. Funny story we have totally diff recollections of that night. I rememeber a very “movie Esque” moment where time stood still and it was silent. Mike remembers the kiss and hearing nothing but his roomie saying “woah guys there going at it”. Long Story short (Too Late) we started dating on September 10th 2006 and have been going strong ever since. He’s my best friend and we have been through a lot! We have a lot to be proud of, a house (renting), a Puppy Ace Face, Sweet Cars, and each other.

We are trying to save for our “furrytail” Wedding and hopefully the puzzle pieces keep falling into place! Until then we will keep chugging along like the-old-6-years-and-counting-married-couple we are!!!

Enjoy some Pictures of us over the last 6 years!
Mikes first Formal Dance...

He hates this pic... I love shows his silly side!!
On Vaca... we always get sunburned
I miss Sunday Dinners at Grandma's
US Today... Living the Paleo Dream!!!

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