Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Cowboys are #1 in the NFL

Ogletree and Romo... 

So last night was the first game of the Football season... and Yes I am a Jersey Girl who is also a die hard Dallas Cowboys Fan. Its a long story but Troy Aikeman and Emmitt Smith, and the fact that they are blue and white and have a star as there logo swayed my young mind as a child. Thats right the crazy that I am now was the same crazy when I was a kid...ESPECIALLY if my beloved Troy was sacked... You just don't do that...

Anywho, it was great to see Ogletree a new guy take the reins and DO WORK.... he was great and I loved seeing the passion from Jason Witten even though he played after just having a ruptured spleen. (sp?) I know alot of people joke that my team is made up of pansy's and that tehy are the Cowgirls, but playing and being there for your team is what its about. Plus our boys stepped up and did what they had to do. No Excuses, were there mistakes? Of course but they came back and did what they had to do!

Now I know what your thinking... Ok Paleo girl how do you go to Football Games and eat Paleo or have people over, or stay healthy and eat Paleo with Halloween and Thanksgiving and Christmas around the corner. Not to mention all the yummy Pumpkin treats that have surfaced, how do you avoid the AMAZING PUMPKIN MUFFIN FROM DUNKIN? Ashley runs on DUNKINS PUMPKIN MUFFIN..
Look at the beauty :)
So here is my plan... I am going to attempt to make my own Pumpkin muffins and donuts, and even a Paleo version of a Boston Cream. I am going to experiment with my own Paleo Latte's. The way I live now is pretty great, I pick and choose my battles with food. If I want a beer I eat strict, If I opt for a seltzer I maybe indulge a little.
Halloween is a tough thing for many people with kids and Me personally I can eat a pound of Candy Corn a day… So here is a simple trick. Plan out your cheats. I refuse to eat more than a SMALL bag of Candy Corn this entire October. So that means once I finish that I am done. Find other things about the holiday than just food and get creative with your food.

I plan to give you some tips and tricks this fall to keep you thin and trim and keep the candy gummies from literally sticking to your behind. So stay tuned… Oh and HAPPY BIRTHDAY MEG AND JOE!!!


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