Thursday, September 27, 2012

Today Awesome was Born... Many Times!

25 years ago today I decided I needed my own room, so I left the womb (yup Today is my birthday, and in case you didn’t know I am a Twin)… 
This Lovely pic is from our 21st Bday... Pre Alcohol, and Drama, and Tears, and Vomit, and Laughter!!! 
 Ok now that you have the creepy and weird picture in your head let me just say Happy Birthday to my Twin LINDSAY… You are and always will be OLDER THAN ME, so happy one quarter of a century and a whole minute older than me…. and a whole bunch of other awesome people…

Happy Birthday Jessica! You know we are pretty-much-basically sister In-laws, and were are going to be the coolest Aunts around and I can’t wait until we go CRAY CRAY in NYC!!!

Happy Birthday Michelle my twin from another mother…I miss you and we need to fix this! Jersey Girls-who-move-to-NE-for-Love Reunite!!!
OMG Graduation... Holy Cow I feel Old...
Fun Fact Avril Lavigne was also born on September 27th and so was Samuel Adams the well known real life patriot and poster boy for one of the best beers in the world!

(I had to say one of, because we all know Mike and Dan would rip me apart with there own views of what the best beers in the world are…)

Today is full of work and then some FUN FUN FUN… Mike made me an awesome breakfast consisting of an omelet and hash browns, I am so full I may not eat until dinner. Then after work, I am picking up big boy dog food for our Paleo Pup Ace and then off to the house, to meet the gang for dinner. We are going to Tenichi, and I am sure Scorpian bowls will be had, sushi, and goodness. I will leave room for dessert because Mikey made me a wonderfully delicious looking Paleo Coconut Cake for my Birthday.

I have some of the best friends and family in the world. In true diva fashion, I will close this post by saying, Its My Birthday and I’ll Dance if I want to…


PS: Happy Birthday September Babies… Have a great day everyone, Celebrate with me!!!

PPS: Holy Cow my arms, latts (sp), Biceps, Triceps, and any other EP in the Shoulder region are killing me…Thanks Dan and your Gymnastics Rings…

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