Monday, September 10, 2012

"You eat Weird" 7 Tips to the Dinner Party!!

So I said a month or so ago I would make a guide for eating out at other people’s houses. Welp I finally did, thanks to some encouragement from a fellow reader! Thanks for keeping me on my toes!!!

Here are my 7 Tips for staying Paleo and still having a good time at dinner parties and holidays. 

  1. Always ask what’s for dinner-
It’s good to know what the host is planning on making so that you can plan accordingly. Some people may know you eat Paleo or not, try not to make them feel pressured or obligated to cook Paleo or change the meal just for you. Just ask in a fun way “so Top Chef what’s on the menu tonight” or something to that affect.
  1. Always bring something-
Especially if you know the meal is going to have a ton of starch or grains or foods you don’t eat bring something that does, like a salad or an appetizer. If you’re afraid of offending the host with the mostest, then bring a bottle of wine or a six pack of beer. Even if you don’t drink it you always feel like your giving them something to thank them for having you into their home.

* You can always bring a special brewed tea or a mixed basket of seltzer waters and fun garnishes like cherries, limes, lemons, or fruits. That way you are sure to have a drink and can share with others who might have normally stuck to booze…

  1. Eat before you go-
If you know the menu is not going to be Paleo and your will power is significantly low, eating beforehand can help you stick to your guns and only eat those foods that are more pure like veggies and fruits. I used to go to friends houses and not eat ALL DAY and then constantly graze and eat, that is definitely not a good idea.

  1. Talk to the Host-
If you have a gluten or grain allergy talk to the host of the party to make sure they aren’t serving a Pasta dish. You may think it’s rude to pre order food, but there is nothing worse than being a host and watching someone not eat and feel awkward and hungry. Just make sure you state your allergy ahead of time when they make the invitation.
  1. Suggest a Pot Luck-
If you’re an avid cook like me suggest to the host that everyone bring a dish, Someone brings the veggies, the Host takes care of the meat or main course, someone brings an appetizer, and someone a dessert, and you can make it BYOB.

  1. Eat only the Meat and Veggies-
Chances are most people eat a block meal, which means they make a starch which is usually a grain or a starch like  a potato, a veggie or two and a protein. So if it’s sit down, either ask to be given your meal without the starch or “non paleo” portion. Or just switch with a friend, most people will gladly take your serving of bread or your roll. Just try not to switch plates if it’s a classy meal.

  1. What to do if your served Pasta or a Non Paleo Cassarole-
Paleo is very new and uncommon for most, so if you are served a dish that is non paleo you have two options, To eat or not to eat. I always take a little and taste it, and if I am super hungry I usually will cut out early with an excuse of finishing up something for work, or gotta take the dog out. Then just thank your host and say next time dinner is at your house, so Fido is always taken care of. That way you control the menu and you don’t have the added stress. Then just head home and fry up and egg or two to satisfy your Paleo food craving belly.

Whether you decide to stick with it or have a “cheat” night there is no excuse to stop having friends just to feel and eat better. If your friends are open to trying new things have a Paleo party and introduce them to your way of cooking. You can make them one of your favorite Paleo dishes like Paleomg’s Buffalo Chicken Meatloaf or have a Paleo cooking party and have one friend be your sous chef for each course. They can learn some basic cool cooking tips and also give you time to chit chat while you prepare the grub.

Did I cover it all? What are some Major dilemma’s you face trying to be Paleo and eat clean? Do your friends and familes embrace your paleo lifestyle?


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