Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Zuccahinni and Meatballs

Yes I Totally made that word up!

So last night I REALLY wanted Ice cream. But not just any ice cream Uhlman's Ice Cream, They are an ice cream stand near my house and they are closing for the season on Columbus Day and they just shortened their hours so I wanted to indulge. I suggested Ice Cream for dinner but Mike said no.... So I made Zuccachinni and Meatballs instead and waited until after dinner for my Ice Cream like a good girl.

Sooo Yummy! What's Pasta anyways....
Being on Paleo I must say that I do Miss the ease of making a pasta dish, but I don't miss the bloated feeling afterwards that pasta makes you feel. They say that eating pasta or carbs before a big sporting event, and honestly even when I have digested thinking about eating a LARGE pasta meal while I run or compete makes me wanna vomit. I think a big protien meal before a race or an event is much better for your muscles, mixed with adequate water before hand.

I made my Zuccachinni Noodles with a mandolin, but you could use a julienne peeler or jsut chop them up yourself. My recipe for this treat is coming so stay tuned. IF you love pasta and miss it on Paleo you will DEFINITELY want to try this one!!!


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