Friday, October 19, 2012

Ace and the Great Pumkin

Ace ate a Ton of pumpkin... He surely takes after his momma!!
While I was carving I usually make a little mess with little pieces of pumpkin that fall on the floor. I didn't have to worry about it cleaning up after because Ace Face was right there to clean up after me he's such a good puppy! For those worried or pondering whether Pumpkin is good and safe for dogs to eat... It IS... Check out this article that I found that lists that its good for digestive health, Weight loss, and Urinary Health.

Ace Face got a hold of a pumpkin seed too while we were scraping out the guts and I am sure Mike had a heart attack and stuck his fingers down his throat to retrive the seed, with ZERO luck. Our pup swallowed it like a champ, HOMF... Mike googled pumpkin seeds for dogs and we learned that they can be REALLY GOOD for there Gut. Pumpkin seeds are great at curing and aiding in parasites in pups which is always good news for this Paleo Pup... Ace will be getting some pumpkin in his food this weekend! Everyone needs a yummy treat now and then. Lets talk about how my pulled pork came out great, but the bag of Candy Corn I ate while carving pumpkins was even better... Yeh I know Candy Corns or Corn period is not Paleo but it was made with real honey...

They do say that you need to be careful with the seeds for chocking hazards, but they say pulsing it through a spice grinder into a powder and sprinkling on your dogs food is a great way to give them the health benefits and omit the hazards that come with seeds.

Now onto the pumpkins... They came out GREAT!!! Can you guess which one is mine??


-Do you feed your dogs people food? Not from the table of course?
-Ever feed your dogs raw meats?

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