Wednesday, October 31, 2012

All Hallows Eve

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Happy Halloween to all my YouEatWeird Readers!
So today is Halloween and while it is ONE of my Most favorite Holidays, I am a little bummed out Today because a little thing called Hurricane Sandy wiped out my home state of New Jersey and so I feel guilty being happy and celebrating Halloween while they are all home in the dark.

Although I am going to attempt to hand out Candy and I hope I get some Trick or Treaters! I have always been so jealous of my Nana and Gramps they always get like Hundreds of Trick or Treaters and so I am hoping to atleast get enough to hand out the candy I bought. I will report back in the morning. 

What's Your Favorite Candy to Give out or to Get?
What do Paleo People Hand out For Halloween?

So I have been asked this question and for me I am handing out a bunch of Fun Sized goodies from Walgreens. I know I know, but Snickers and Milky Ways aren't Paleo. But I do know that if I hand out Apples and Oranges they will be thrown out even if I say and show proof that I bought them from Whole Foods and that is just a waste. I also don't want to be that lame person that gives out pennies or pencils so I am giving out Candy. When I have children I am not going to keep them away from candy completely nor rob them of the fun and EXERCISE of Trick or Treating. Realistically how much Candy did your parents let you eat as a child. Plus if you plan a route and have your children walk and not drive them from street to street it's good exercise and they don't even know it. 

Here are my Top 5 Tips for  a Safe and Paleo Halloween

1. Eat a hearty Dinner, Pizza is easy but not nutritious, Make a crock pot chili or pulled pork for convince, and make a bunch of veggies to fill up and energize your trick or treater.

2. Plan Your Route- If you have young kids opt for neighborhoods with flat streets and ones that have more houses. If you have to drive somewhere just make sure you park your car and leave it put until it's time to go home and go to bed. Also check the mileage of your route and make sure your kids can handle the distance. No one wants to carry Superman and his bag of loot in the dark.

3. Wear Your Sneakers- Make sure your kids have good shoes on for the walk and you should wear comfy clothes like workout clothes. You can add a cape or witch hat or go all out to feel festive.

4. Go Out With Friends- Make it a play date for kids and adults. The kids will love being out with their friends and while they run from house to house and door to door you and the other parents can watch and talk about the latest Housewives episode. 

5. Be Prepared- Bring Umbrellas, and warm clothes depending on the weather. Carry a backpack with a few water bottles in case your trick or treaters need some agua to get them up that steep steep driveway. A flashlight comes in handy for your kids knowing where you are and you can use it to guide them up dark walk ways. 

After the fun your kids will most likely be tired but excited about the Candy, Let them have a few pieces and count the candy and then you can take it and hold onto to too make sure they don't eat it all.

Many Dentists do Candy Buy Back Programs and other programs like it that send your Candy overseas to Troops. The Dentist will give you tooth brushes, coupons and even cash for your bag of goodies. So you never know how much that Snickers bar could be worth.


What are you going to be for Halloween?

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