Thursday, October 18, 2012

Barf Breath

So... Last night/this morning was a whole bunch of crazy wrapped up into one. I came home and started on dinner and also dinner for Tonight. Last night I made Paleo Shepards Pie, but instead of the Mashed Cauliflower on top I went with Mashed Sweet Potato.

I decided to try the Sweet Potato, because I love them, They Are Paleo, and it would give the creamy smooth texture that Cauliflower mash can't. It came out AMAZING! So yummy and I used a mixture of Ground beef and Ground lamb and it was perfect! Paleo Shepards Pie is a winner! I also made a bigger portion this time which was amazing!!!

While I let the Shepards pie firm and toast up in the oven  I made a quick batch of Paleo BBQ sauce from Make It Paleo. I cheat a little with this recipe. They say you need to cook the sauce to develop the flavors, but I put it in the crockpot with some kind of pork and so I let it do its flavor enhancing thing in the crock pot.
I am making Pulled Pork since I got a craving on Monday after watching Man V Food

Right now as we speak a HUGE pork Butt is slow cooking with my homemade Paleo BBQ Sauce and it will be nice and ready and waiting for me when I go home! YUM I love slow cookers. 

Now back to the Crazy... So last night all was well until bedtime, Ace (who has behavior issues) I was trying to get his attention and he flipped and him and Ripley got into a big fight. Clumps of hair was left behind and Ace was upset. We separated the two immediately and Ace retreated to his cage we coaxed him out long enough to check him for any wounds but he went right back in his crate. I put him on our bed and he wanted nothing but to be in his crate. So we respected his space and let him be. Usually in the middle of the night he cries for me or Mike to shine our phone on the bed so he can hop on, only I never heard him cry last night. I did wake up with him sleeping on my bladder and he stayed there for quite a while UNTIL... all of a sudden I heard someone, something, was dry heaving and there is Ace standing next to me trying to throw up off the side of the bed.( Hes kinda smart for at least knowing to throw up directly on me or our bed) Mike and I were instantly awake. Nothing like vomit to wake you right up, Actually I prefer coffee much more than that.
This was Pre Fight- Pre solitary Confinement-Pre Bladder Sleeping-Pre Vomit
 Anywho, after our impromptu cleaning spree it was time to get ready for the day. I got ready for work, prepared the Pork Butt and Added my sauce to the slow cooker and I was done. Easy Peasy.

Tonight's dinner will be Pulled pork and ColeSlaw. Super Easy followed by Pumpkin Carving/Painting!!! I am Super Excited for the festivities...


-Have your pets ever vomited on you? 
-Have you ever had a dog with Behavior problems? How do you get them to get along with other dogs?

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