Monday, October 22, 2012

Boring Eats

So the Last few days you haven't seen much of my food and that's because it's been boring. I made Gronk Smash Beef Stew (which Mike loved both the dish and the name) on Sunday and that was my last attempt at yummy cooking. Mike had to go to a dinner for work, which resulted in me being lazy and grabbing food at Whole Foods which was a bad idea because it left me feeling hungry and poor. Whole Foods Hot Bar is expensive. Anywho, on the menu tonight is some yummy Sirloin steak, which I am eager to make. So the recipe will be up later. I think I want to make a Red Wine Reduction to go with my beefy steak! MmM.

Check back for that tomorrow!

Fitness Check In:

Mike is supposed to be doing a work out plan that his brother made for him and I am doing the 4 week Plank Challenge, along with some ring work and some Planche Holds.

BTW if you need some new blogs to spice up your daily dose of Blogging here are some of my fav's that I check everyday!

CarrotsNCake - Tina is awesome and she includes a weekly meal plan and posts her daily eats which is fun and inspiring, and after being reluctant the weekly meal plan is a FANTASTIC idea, I have been doing it for two weeks and it takes one less stress away. Plus as an added bonus I strategically make crock pot meals on days when I know I would be tempted to order in.
She also has this ADORABLE Pug named Murphy who makes his way into every post!

HungryRunnerGirl -  Janae, is fun and witty and has the most beautiful baby Brooke. I love that Janae has such a fun and positive outlook on life, and she can eat dessert at least once a day if not more. She stays in check with running a bagillion miles and she even ran everyday while pregnant. Such an Inspiration.
She is TOO CUTE!
GM Runs - I know this chick through a mutual friend (and have never actually met her), and found her blog totally by accident. She is working on getting a BQ (Qualifying for the Boston Marathon) and it inspires me, she goes balls to the wall with working out and running and prepping and it baffles me how much she puts into running. I love her wittiness and her ability to be able to call herself out.
She ALSO has some super CUTE Pups Too!

Well that's it kids... How are things going for you? What are some Blogs you read?


  1. Are you doing the plank challenge?! I was thinking about doing it too, but I need to be held accountable!!! Blogging about it is a good idea! :)

  2. Yes I am!!! even though I am totally embarrassed by my starting time I will be blogging about my improvements and such... You should totally do it... It will be FUN FUN FUN!!!