Saturday, October 6, 2012

Bringing Halloween to NE... Jersey Style :)

So today was an awesome day!! I got up started the coffee and then laced up my shoes for some yard work. I planted some tulip and daffodil bulbs for the spring. Then I decorated the outside house for the best holiday of the year... HALLOWEEN... Yup I like Halloween better than Christmas.

Anywho I spent the morning doing that and then we went to the New England Food Truck Festival... I got a grilled cheese sandwich from the Roxy's food truck... It was so good.. And also rosemary truffle fries, clam chowder and an ice cream sandwich... It was a totally UN Paleo day of eats but it was worth it...

I have a chicken in the crock pot, and we are following the Everyday Paleo recipe by Sarah Fragroso... I can't wait for that...

( I wrote this on my phone and so here are all my pictures!! Enjoy!!)


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