Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Caution: Some Foods Can KILL YOU!

Normally When I wake up the morning I follow the same routine, shower, take Ace out, Feed Ace, Make Coffee, Do Hair and Makeup While Watching Full House...
Every morning Mon-Fri from 6am to 7am on Nick
Then I usually scurry around and get dressed so I can leave by 7:10 or so. Well I have been leaving later to avoid some traffic and this enabled me to catch a little of GMA (Good Morning America). I am THE WORST person to watch the news with because I HATE how some reporters can spin stories and leave you with ideas and facts that are untrue. Which leads me to my Rant for the day...

Article in Question

As a college graduate and adult in the year 2012 I can attest that I make conscious decisions to benefit my well being and the well being of those around me. I have drastically changed the way I eat, and while I may cheat I still stay away from those things that are truly just bad for you.(i.e. Processed Foods)

First of all, the 14 year old girl that died, I am sorry for this but its a tough lesson we all need to face. You can't just drink or eat something without thinking about the consequences of your actions. She was 14 years old and therefore should have had a parent that WOULD NOT allow someone that young to consume even one Monster Energy drink let alone TWO.
-Kids are young and especially a 14year old who can't drive, shouldn't be up late, and therefore should not be tired doesn't need an energy drink.

Then reports come out saying that the family and the girl knew she had a heart condition, but then follows up with the response, "that her doctors had not told her to restrict her physical activities or her caffeine use"... UM HELLO, people with allergies to nuts don't just reach for a bag of peanuts, or a Reese's and then sue there doctors because even though they diagnosed them with the nut allergy they never said not to eat them again. Its one of those "COMMON SENSE" moments. Having a heart condition, and consuming something with many unknown ingredients and unknown caffeine levels is not a smart idea. Especially since caffeine is known to speed up your heart rate and one of the side effects of too much caffeine is a "jittery" or pounding heart beat.
Not Recommended for Children
This is a tough situation but one that was created by the consumer not the Company. While I agree listing caffeine levels on the box or can can help prevent this and other deaths so can just plain old "Common Sense" I am sure if asked the parents of this young teen what they want more, their daughter back or Monster to disclose the caffeine levels I am sure the answer would be there daughter. So lets stop making poor choices and then pointing fingers later, and demanding that things be put in place before someone else gets hurt. How about we look at the grocery stores and how MOST of the aisles are full of processed foods, and the fact that most consumers spend more time choosing chips and deciding on Ice Cream Flavors then they do building meals and snacks around fruits and vegetables. 


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