Monday, October 15, 2012

Diets Don't Work...

I have dieted for the greater part of my teen and adult life. I was anorexic ( in high school) and I cried and worried about my weight for a long time... I have Yo-Yo'ed and when I was the thinnest I was still never happy.

People ask me all the time, when I am going to stop eating Paleo... Paleo isn't a diet, it's a lifestyle change. I made the commitment to give up grains and eat a high protien diet and get my daily carbohydrate intake from nuts, fruits and veggies.
Does this mean I'll NEVER eat a piece of bread or a bowl of pasta ever again? No... but it does mean that I will most likely consume them in far smaller quantities. I get asked and teased when I don't eat Paleo. Truth of the matter is, if I want Ice Cream or a donut I can have it. I just try and limit that stuff as much as possible. When I eat clean I feel better. I simply can't trust myself to go back to how I ate before. I have more control now then I ever have and its easy to follow. When ever I want to build more muscle and cut fat I just eat strict and limit the cheats, paleo or not. If you want to be healthy then do it for yourself. At the end of the day your the one looking in the mirror and your the one who should like what they see....


So I am sure you noticed the Paleo Pup Tab, and the My Style Tab. I changed the look of my Paleo Pup tab to make it easier to check in on my Ace Face. You can read the new post on how training is going with my Ace Face.

I also created a My Style tab, I have lost a ton of weight and I am finding clothes and new combinations of outfits for any budget. So if your looking for some advice you have come to the right place. I am still in the process and putting it all together but be sure to check back for my Fashion and Style posts! 


BTW Have you made the Paleo Chocolate Chip Cookies yet? I am telling you they are delicious... Make them tonight you will thank me tomorrow!!


  1. like the new tabs! and the "favorite blogs" too ;)

  2. Thanks Love!!! I like your new look too.. you tweaked a few things and your looking quite fine over there at...

    * Check out this girl if you want tips on running and being fabulous!! Plus she has some really cute pups too!!!