Monday, October 8, 2012

Extra Day Off

Monday Morning I was a little groggy and wanted some extra time to sleep. So Mike got up with the pups at 8:20 and I slept in (until 9am). Ace face was whining outside our door so Mike let him in thinking he wanted to cuddle. He came in climbed on the bed licked my face and then barked at me until I got up. I guess he wanted me to get up.

So I had my coffee, cut up some Sweet Potatoes into small cubes and threw them in the oven to crisp and cook. I am a PRO at Sweet Potato Hash browns. I let them cook a while and then I chunked up some bacon and added them into a skillet to brown and cook, then I added my eggs for my Eggs and Bacon Scramble. Served them up with my Sweet Potato Hash browns and a fresh cup of coffee and breakfast was AWESOME!

After breakfast Mike Hopped in the shower and I started on Make It Paleo BBQ Sauce. I made it pretty much exact except I didn't have any lime so I omitted it and I added a few splashes of Worsteshire-shiure sauce.

I put a small amount of sauce on the bottom of my crockpot, then I seasoned up the Ribs with a dry rub, and then I cut the rack into two pieces so it would fit in the slow cooker. I put the ribs in and then added in the sauce and cooked on Low for 7.5 hours.

While that cooked Mike and I went and got our hair cut, picked up oil and stuff at Walmart, Bought Mike a brand new Suit. ( the Boy has no Butt so we got him measured for alterations) and then came home. I tackled the laundry and organized my closet, and took out all my winter clothes while Mike changed my oil and replaced my Tie Rod.

Then our AWESOME Dog trainer Vera came by from the Cooperative Dog.
Ace has some anxiety and issues with how to control his feelings around dogs, he is a rescue and so we are working on teaching him that it's ok to need space and how to act without being aggressive.
They really love each other... but they get on each others nerves, its normal.
We worked with Vera from about 6pm till 8:20. Mike and I were starving and the ribs came out awesome. We worked with the dogs a little more and then we let them relax, they were both pooped.

Lets see how much I got Done this Weekend:

Finish Decorating for Halloween
Plant Tulip Bulbs
Clean House
Do Laundry and Get out Fall Clothes
Pack away Summer Clothes
Finish Editing Project
Start Ashlee's Blanket 
Make Chili ( Made Ribs Instead)
 I still have a ton to do... But I knocked a ton off of my list. My goal is to finish my list before the end of October.


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