Friday, October 12, 2012

Food Truck Fail and Fall Festivities!

I Love FALL!!!
I love my Boyfriend and Pumpkin Picking!!!

Saturday was a GREAT day... We woke up and had some cuddle time with the puppy!!! Then I went on to drank three cups of coffee and we headed in Boston to visit some family in the hospital. Then our plans were to head in and see the Boston and New York Food Truck Throwdown.... After seeing the lines SUPER DUPER LONG and no clear cut rhyme or reason to where they snaked around. I was SOOOO Hungry and so we decided to walk from Dewey Square up to Government Center and get the Mac n Cheese in Boston at Paddy O's. Its homemade Mac n Cheese with irish whiskey in it and irish bacon. Yeah its amazing. I was so hungry I forgot to take a picture but it was AMAZING!!

After our late lunch we walked back towards Dewey Square and our car to see if the lines at the Food Truck Throwdown had calmed down, but they were still insane... We did stop off and get some cupcakes though at Sweet. A cute cupcake place and we even got one for Ace Face....

A PUPCAKE... Its made with Oatmeal and applesauce 

Every paleo pup gets a cheat now and then! He devoured it... much like he devours everything he eats. After that we raced home to a farm right around the corner to get some pumpkins. 

Mike picked me our a BIG and round one!!

The Original Pumpkin Pose
The Famous Pumpkin Picture Pose!!!
I finished up my Chili that I made on Friday and cuddled up on the couch while Mike watched the race. It was the PERFECT Saturday, fun and eventful and relaxing! 


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