Friday, October 12, 2012

Hi My Name is Ashley and...

I Hoard Clothes....

Yes it is true, I am a pack rat when in comes to clothes. Everytime I move (July was the 7th time I have moved including college) and my friends have to carry my body bags of clothes down the stairs they ask what I have in these bags and I casually say clothes. Truth of the matter is, When I buy new clothes I never purge old clothes, I have a bag in my closet as we speak full of clothes I plan on donating to Goodwill and its still in my closet. I STILL go in that bag and take out clothes that I have changed my mind on. When I get Christmas gifts and its clothes, regardless of I like it or if its the wrong size I keep it.

Anyway my clothes hoarding has finally paid off. The past two days I went to get dressed for work, I looked in my closet and went EH I have worn all of that  a million times, and so I went and grabbed a sweater out of my big bag of sweaters ( still need to take out and find a home for my winter clothes). Yesterday I wore a sweater that I probably only wore once, for twenty minutes in the house because I put it on and it looked cute and and then changed into a hoodie right before I left the house. So the sweater most likely never saw the light of day. Today I am wearing a sweater that I got for Christmas last year and it finally fits nice and looks great on me. Today I am also wearing my dress pants that I bought in college. Now I know what your thinking "Ash, your 25 (eeekkk) go out and buy some new pants sheesh..." However the dress pants I own are from New York & Company. They are good pants, still the right length, they just didn't always fit in the waist. On October 12, 2012 I fit into my dress pants from college and its all from Paleo.

Honestly... I LOVE FOOD. Before I went to a Paleo diet I ate whatever I was craving and my idea of healthy was veggies... with butter and cheese on them, and that is IF I ate a veggie. When I eat clean I feel better and I look better. I have more of an ambition to work out when I eat right and I enjoy trying to make really FLAVORFUL foods. I love the way I eat, I have gotten a little laxed in my style of eating but I can definitely say that I plan on making Paleo a lifestyle change.

Be on the Look Out for some Upcoming Posts!!!
-My PALEO Halloween Party Food and Drink Menus
-Paleo Baked goods for any night of the week
-Football Snacks, and Foods for any Game Night
-How to eat Paleo at Holiday Parties

Food For Thought

This week at work I have been really busy and with Ace Face and the tension in the house I needed to cook to calm myself, and I needed some good comfort foods.

Paleo Orange Chicken
I LOVE Chinese food. Probably because my ate it every day when when she was pregnant which is why my sister came out with squinty eyes...

Ok so her eyes aren't that squinty but when you put them next to mine you can tell the difference. Anywho... Dinner was delish, Cauliflower rice was bomb... and Paleo Orange Chicken Sauce.... Soooo EASY to make and sooo yummy. I'll post the recipe later.

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