Monday, October 29, 2012

Hurricane Sandy

Ok Ok so Jokes aside this Hurricane was no Joke for NJ, NY, CT, VA and other places. Up here in Ma I bought a Ton of Candles and flashlights, and filled up a container with water and got everything all ready and was ready to be cuddled up pondering deep conversation with Mike and the roommates while eating our pints of Ben and Jerrys and that never happened. Thankfully we never lost power but I was hoping that even just for an hour we would have an internet free home and could just enjoy each others company by candle light.

Anywho, I did spend most of my night texting, Facebooking, and calling Family to make sure that they were OK. Turns out my mom spent the whole night at her store working on cleaning out cases and just doing her best to stay on top of the mess. CRAZY!

It's just incredible how much of NYC is under water and how CRAY CRAY some people were to go out in the storm just to see for themselves. So insane.

I had no work on Monday. SO I spent the day cleaning and doing laundry all before we lost power just in case we did.

-Whats your favorite Storm Activity to do?
-Are you a storm Preparer or do your just wing it and hope your not stranded?


PS. I had some friends who still had work on Monday on the EAST COAST. What would you do if you had work and an impending storm was about to hit, Do you go to work or make a judgement call and stay safetly at home?

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