Wednesday, October 17, 2012

I Challenge You!

I can’t help but think of the debate and how it directly effects my everyday life. I have been fascinated with speech and communication and since I was little I have worked on my presentation skills and have been able to pin point who practiced and who just has an effortless ease with communication.

Last night’s debate was right up my alley and I felt for those who were given the chance to ask questions. Had I been there I would have been well versed and ready to deliver my question without fault. (But that’s just me) I don’t want to get all political on here because my mom always said “never talk about politics and religion” But… Sorry mom, I just can’t help it.
They got a little heated... and it annoyed me they kept interrupting each other...
 As I watch these debates I hop back and forth between Facebook and Twitter to see what everyone thinks and two things usually happen,
-1. A celebrity makes a comment about their looks or clothes
-2. People make ignorant comments and statements simply without listening or doing research.

I have been watching and reading and I can say with confidence that when I make my vote on election day ( Like all Women, Men, and anyone the age of 18 and older should do) I know with confidence that I believed in most of what my candidate preached, that I knew that they most likely would disappoint me, and that the elected in the end my choice or not was going to run the country, end of story.

I am realistic, hearing these men (c’mon ladies stand up and get in there) talk about ALL THEY PLAN to do, I know when the time comes things might change and parties may disagree and there is nothing I can do, but on election day… I did my job. I raised my voice and I was heard. (Something not all women have been able to do)

It’s just like when you were in grade school and you had school elections and the popular kid gets up on the table and says he will abolish homework if elected, and make Lunch Times longer, while the Book worm promises new books for the library and extended study periods. We all know that if the popular kid was elected, we would still have to hand in our Spanish homework and that 5 page term paper due at the end of the year would still be due. Things change, and we need to change with it, I am not going to say who I am voting for, I am 40/60 on who I am going to vote for.

Before I go I leave you with this,

I challenge you to go out and vote and make an educated decision, read up on the candidates and participate in your future.

I challenge you to get healthy or maintain healthy, how can we debate our friends and make comments about the president if we aren’t around to witness it.

I challenge you to ask why and question what you read in newspapers and hear on the news. Just because they wear a suit and have the hair-do doesn’t mean there words are golden.

Finally I challenge you to make each day amazing and live it like your last. Forgive the petty fights and look to a better and brighter tomorrow.


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