Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Just Let Me Love You

That song describes my relationship with working out... it's a love and hate kind of thing.

Last night I was trying to do Tabata and this kept happening....
Ace Face thought I was playing...
While I was doing Squats Rip kept jumping on me and when I got on my yoga mat to do some Tabata crunches Ace thought it was a game and kept running behind me and biting my arms...

My issue with working out is simple really. I plan to do it and then life just gets in the way and I tell myself that I will work out tomorrow although something else comes up... Right?!

I am working on getting more upper body strength. I want to be able to do a PULL UP and so I am working on my grip strengh. I can only hold on for 16secs? For Real??? So for two weeks I have been doing 6 to 8 holds of 8 secs each... and last night I thought I would be able to re-test and make my max hold more like 30 seconds... Welp I couldn't. I was defeated and pissed off, everyone around me is sooo much stronger and making improvements... Why am I not improving?

Truth of the matter is I need to suck it up and use that as fuel and not as a reason to stop. I need to keep pushing myself. When I make excuses to not work out I need to make excuses why I NEED to work out... Take Ace face with me on a run, he needs the exercise too.. Take him out for a LONG walk... I need to work on making exercise fit into my daily life regardless if its not crazy cardio or throwing around heavy weights.

I saw this Ad on TV and its a great motivator...Sweat Everyday

Food For Thought

Breakfast was on the menu last night for dinner... For TWO reasons...

1. I never defrosted anything
2. I needed an easy dinner

 I made Pumpkin pancakes on Sunday and they were a major Fail... Too thin and not nearly full of enough flavor. So I wanted to make a fool proof recipe that was going to work. Check out my pumpkin pancakes in my recipe section they are BOMB ( mike hates when I say the word bomb).

I also made some easy peasy Sweet Potato Hash Browns which can also be found in my recipe section.

Yeah I know my plate of Pancakes look sad but hey Mike doesn't love me for my flap jack flipping ability
 and I NEVER worked at an Ihop... Hmm maybe this is why I haven't gotten a ring yet... anywho I did flip a few "pretty" ones and I made sure to give them to Mike...

I cut up all my pancakes like a child anyways, so basically I was just skipping a step!

What are your issues with working out?
Any suggestions on how to sweat everyday?
Are you crazy for anything Pumpkin this time of the year?


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