Saturday, October 27, 2012

Lucy You Got Alot of 'Splaining To Do...

Hey Guys, sorry I have been MIA for a few days but its been certainly a crazy few days. The weekend was awesome I got to spend some Quality time with my Twin and then I had a great party. Here are a few pictures for you to enjoy from Saturdays party!
Lucille Ball

Count Rip Van Dingle

Me and Lindz

Everyone Loves Lucy

Getting biten by Count Dracula...

Lucy and Dracula
Seriosuly True Love at first Bite!!!
My hair was awesome...

Yikes the punch that nearly killed everyone...

So all in all the party was Super Fun, We have the Bloody Rum Punch and Pumpkin Pie Punch and Apple Cider and Captains, and Beer. It was Crazy. We had alot of fun and in case your wondering my shower was colored RED after trying to get the hairspray out and my pillow case has some lovely red color to it as well.... It was a great party even if it left me on the couch all day on Sunday but thats ok. You always need a complete VEG day from time to time. I also learned that I am no longer 21 anymore and a raging college student. Anywho... now that Halloween is here and I was forced to take my decorations down because of Hurricane Sandy, I am working on getting back into strict Paleo. No more cheats and crazy parties, Any party from here on out will be a Paleo Party from food to drinks and everything in between.

How was your weekend?
Any crazy Halloween Costumes or Stories?


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