Tuesday, October 9, 2012

My Hero

So I started my blog over 6 months ago with no real thought of ever getting readers, It was just a way for me to vent and capture my Paleo eats. Well I started to get the blogging bug and I read a bunch of blogs a day. I have a routine of when and who's I read. I look up new ones, but there are a few that have me hooked.

This Girl...
She is PRETTY FREAKING COOL... She loves to run and has a pretty cool life and personality all her own. She has been working towards a BQ ( Boston Qualifier) and being that I live in the Bean I have been pulling for her, because I would love to cheer her on (and I will) and then buy her a celebratory beer and nachos... She has been working her butt of, and she has even inspired me to run, which is something I hate and I am terrible at. But she has a sense of making you want to  just let it all go and have fun and run. I have made running apart of my life now, and even though I only run a mile or two a week, I look to this chick for advice. She is also pretty into Crossfit which is also a love of mine, and that just makes her that much cooler.

I waited all weekend for a GREAT POST and then I saw this... I wanted to cry, She was so unhappy and so defeated and left it all out there and only 90 seconds separated her. I felt like I had just ran that race and I could only imagine how she felt. Then I thought about it, SHE PR'd... Thats freaking awesome... Had she BQ'd too, then she wouldn't truely appreciate how awesome of a run she just had. She ran a marathon and kicked ass the whole way, balls to the wall fast and she PR'd ummm that deserves a HELL YES BABY!!! I am proud of my blogging buddies success because she did what she said. She had two goals in mind, to PR and BQ, and while she didn't BQ she came damn close and she ran a marathon in the FASTEST TIME she has ever run. She is a pretty badass chick. I know she will run another marathon and shatter her recent time and BQ and she will apreciate it that much more. Fact of the matter is, we all bonk sometimes, but you gotta pick yourself up and try again. She proved to herself that she can do it and she will do it.

I am so proud! GREAT JOB GM Get it next time!!! If you want to meet an awesome blogger chick check her out! In honor of her awesome job this weekend I will run 3.5 Miles this week...Yikes are you sure you want to do that Yep I will do it... Way to go GM  YOU ARE MY HERO!!!


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  1. Thanks for writing this....and reminding me that I need to have fun and celebrate my success. Sure I missed boston(this time) but I did rock that race. This post was just what I needed. You're the shit for helping me get back on my feet. Thanks lady <3