Thursday, October 4, 2012

National Taco Day!

Who watched the Debate last night? I know what your thinking, "Ash your not supposed to talk about Politics with people" I know I know... I never understood that rule.. I am allowed to have my opinion and you yours. As long as we respect each others opinions it really shouldn't be that bad, am I right.

Anywho everyone is saying that Romney won, honestly if you want my opinion I think they both lost. I didn't hear much of anything except, that's not what I am doing and that's not what I said. It was like watching a RHONJ ( Real Housewives of New Jersey) Reuion show.

Except with out the SUPER TIGHT dresses and way too much hair and make-up.

Debates should be each candidate fighting to say what they are GOING to do, not worried about what the other person isn't doing. We want it all and you can't get it all.. there are things I agree with for each candidate but I have to only pick one. That sucks.

Cheap Shots and dirty dealing is so over played and over done, can a real politician please stand up?

Yikes, Anywho, Today I planned on having a Two Ingredient Pancake for breakfast but my wonderful BF got up and made me scrambled eggs and Snausages (sausage). He is Awesome... For lunch I had Turkey and Ham, with an apple and a banana. I also packed some baby carrots but wasn't in the mood for them... Maybe later.

Anyways Happy Taco Day!!!
Tonight is Taco at the La Casa De Scott Shaw!!! MmM I can't wait....


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