Saturday, October 20, 2012

One Mocha Latte

Saturday started bright and early... We got up and ran out to get our cars inspected bright and early. The people at the dealership ogled over Mike's car. Then on our way home we stopped for Starbucks. We both ordered Latte's- Me A Salted Caramel Mocha, and Mike a Mocha Latte... Or so we thought.

At this Starbucks they didn't take my name for the drinks and the girl behind me stole my Drink... and then They made Mike a White Chocolate Mocha instead of a regular mocha... He took it anyways and got a free drink coupon....I love Coupons... Then I switched him his latte for mine since I love anything White Chocolate and he enjoyed my Salted Caramel Mocha...
Caring is Sharing People!!!
Then he let me pull in the garage :) He is just so kind.

After our coffees we got ready he went and picked up a pork roast for dinner, I packed us up and we headed out to his parents house in Western Mass...
He Loves Car Rides and taking naps....
We made roasted pork, with roasted sweet potatoes and garlic green beans. I am so mad I didn't snap a picture because it was beautiful and I cut perfect diamonds in that large layer of AWESOME fat that makes the pork so GOOD.


What's your favorite Big Dinner Recipe....
- I love anything roasted or slow cooked.

Are Sweet Potatoes an Acquired taste?
-I LOVE THEM... so no!

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