Thursday, October 11, 2012

Pooch Problems

Hey Guys,

Happy 10-11-12 Day... I know how are silly are these holidays that randomly pop up... but hey I always love to celebrate. Too Bad I am in a funk though...

Ok so here it it... Ace is my puppy, he's a border collie/lab mix and a rescue from a kill shelter in the south. He IS a great puppy, so affectionate and loving, he wouldn't hurt a fly. Welp actually he would because he would eat it right up... nom nom nom, Hakuna Matata we say! He sure is a paleo pup always looking for extra protien.

He loves to eat and would eat my arm off if it was covered in bacon grease. I can no longer grab a piece of meat outta he fridge and sly-ly rub my hands on my pants because he will sit there and like the invisible meat residue off my pants... I know " Ash eww grab a towel" we all have our moments.

So we got  a behavioral trainer for Ace and so far so good. We have been working with him and I have learned to watch his body language and I now can tell when we is getting upset LONG before the growl. Its just like humans, sometimes you just need to be left alone and need a break. I totally get that, Tuesday morning we had an incident and Dan and I got bit. Ripley took a chunk out of Dans arms and I just got some bruises and slight bleeding on my hand. Since that moment the house hasn't been the same.

The dogs are on edge, we are on edge and I just don't know what to do to fix it. Ace had a bad day, I SHOULD HAVE seen it and prevented it but hey I was learning. Now I feel like everyone is afraid of my poor pooch. He's not a bad boy he just needed some space...

How can you be mad or afraid of that face...
Anywho, Training continues in our house... Ace is getting better every day.

Food for Thought
This was dinner last night Drumsticks baked in the oven and then I lathered on some of my leftover BBQ sauce from Make It Paleo, and on the side were french cut frozen green beans that I heated in the microwave and then jazzed up by sauteing them with minced garlic, butter, and garlic powder. It was delish and it hit the spot. Plus I felt good knowing I used the sauce TWO times!!! Winner Winner Chicken Dinner...

Have you had a dog with behavior issues? How did you solve them?



  1. When I got lola, 2 years after jake, Jake wanted to kill her. Literally, kill. The only thing that helped was walking them together non stop. I would put them on their leashes, take them to neutral territory and walk walk walk walk. Now they are best friends. Jake only ever has issues with new dogs when they are near me or on his turf. I have never had issues with him while he eats though so I don't know how to help on that one…

    i mean…it might also help that my dogs are 5 and 15 pounds, full grown…

    Good luck!!

  2. Thanks I'll def try this. Ace and Ripley love each other, but they have issues only around food or sometimes when Ace gets protective of us or his space, so maybe your walking the dogs together will help... I am willing to do anything for the pups to get along. So I will add it to my list of things to do. Thanks so much!!!

    Hope your feeling better my dear!!! :)