Friday, October 26, 2012

Puppy Love

So... as per this totally awesome chick who I great and gives fantabulous ( yes that's a word) results I thought I would update you on how the pups are getting along...
I Kiss You!!!

It's puppy love! Actually the boys have been getting along great its been a week and a day since we had a fight which is good. We have been working and watching both of them. We think Ace has a little tolerance issue with Ripley and is also protective of Mike and I, so he has lashed out and started fights with Rip that have been super crazy. In the last week and a day though they have been much better. Ace has gotten upset but we have found that positive reinforcement and staying calm and happy has worked well..When ever he gets upset we just make him so something fun and he usually wags his tail and moves on. He has also gotten much better about staying when we come in the door and also for waiting for his food. My pup is learning!

This morning he was even on our bed ( he has become protective of our bed)  with Ripley and he was fine, even after Ripley stole his ball. He just relaxed and then waited for the most opportune time to steal it back... Heh heh heh.. So the pups are doing better and I am Happy for that! Thanks guys for your help!

Onto more important things...
Halloween is just around the corner and so is my Halloween Party. Its tomorrow which is awesome and I can't wait to dress up and have fun. We are also making Bloody Rum Punch... which sounds delicious...

  I still need to:
Finish Scotts Costume
Help Meg with her Makeup
Make Mike look like a Vampire
Do my hair like Lucille Ball
Straighten up the house
Buy some Halloween stuff for the pups
Make spooky concoctions for the party...

I will discuss my party on Monday and maybe you will get some sneak peak pictures this weekend!

-What are your plans for the Weekend? 
-Dressing up for Halloween?


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