Sunday, October 21, 2012

VIP Pats Tickets?!

Sunday started out like any Sunday, Sleep in, wake up have coffee and breakfast, Make meal plan for the week, and head out to the grocery store for some shopping before coming home to veg and relax with my two favorite boys and watch... NASCAR, Football and RHONJ...

As we were starting our chores for the day Mike Got a call from his boss about going to the Pats/Jets game that day, and of course that seemed more appealing than grocery shopping especially since he had a limo taking him to and from the game, free food, free booze, free shopping at the Pro shop... oh yeah and these AWESOME SEATS...
Jealous Much?
Yep I was hardcore Jealous and so I did what anyone else would do... I went grocery shopping and did laundry and cooked a big pot of Gronk Smash Beef Stew.. and had some wine...

I watched Dallas win with just a few seconds left, and then watched the Pats almost loose it and then come back and win! It was a crazy day of Football... The boys had fun and Ace Face played with a cool toy that leaves treats around.

I met a friend of mine for drinks and dessert after the game... I needed to just get out of the house for a little and hang so that's just what I did. Although I love JJ's they there TV volumes up so darn loud it was kind of uncomfortable. I don't quite know what it is, but I love going to "dive"bars much more than a classy upscale bar. I wore my Throwback Gronk Jersey with workout capris and sneakers. Perfect for throwing back some beer.

-Do you like "Dive" Bars?
  I especially love to people watch at Dive Bars... yeah they are prob drunk but they are harmless...

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