Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Yummy in the Tummy

Fall Recipes and Quick Cheats

So I get asked... "Um Ash your a "Paleo Blog" with not much food. So I am trying  more and more to get my own recipes on the site. With weather changing and me getting more and more organized in the Kitchen I have decided to create weekly meal plans. I want to save more money on food, have meals planned out based on whats on sale and what we can eat for lunches and make life just easier.

Last night I made Shepard's Pie using this recipe from the Functional Foodie. I googled Paleo Shepards pie like I do for most dishes I make and this one was a winner.

It delicious and I will add it to my recipes section. I made this Recipe to a T and it is one I will have to make again. Although next time I will use Mashed and Whipped Sweet Potato to the top instead of the Mashed Cauliflower. I don't have a food processor yet so my handy dandy mini chopper is what I use to try and make Mashed Cauliflower. Its just not smooth and airy like a potato would be. I DO enjoy the flavor of the cauliflower though, I added some garlic powder butter and chicken broth to give it some flavor.

After my yummy dinner and some wine, I wanted a dessert and since I have a Paleo Cupboard and I am trying to be good I decided I wanted to make a Paleo Apple Crisp. So I used what I know about my Nana's Apple Pie and made my own Paleo Apple Crisp. Look for it in my Recipes section.

Food for Thought

Yesterday I ran out of time to make lunch so I bought lunch in the cafe. I was planning on a salad but then I saw this on the menu...
 Roast Pork loin with Mashed Sweet Potatoes and Asparagus... Now look at how crazy big those asparagus are... they weren't bad but not great either. I would have opted for something else but there wasn't much to choose from... Over all lunch was yummy.

Over the weekend I made OMG Pancakes from Carrots N Cake and I created the easiest and yummiest way to make Sweet Potato Hash Browns.

Tonight I am Making Chicken Wings with my leftover BBQ sauce from Monday night... I'll let you know how they turned out tomorrow!!!


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