Thursday, November 29, 2012

Balanced Bites Pod Cast Obsession

If your not listening to this then you NEED TO... I love there Pod casts, Liz and Diane are AWESOME. They are so funny and witty and they have real life conversations and its cool because they make you feel like your right there with them over a cup of coffee discussing life and I LOVE THAT. So down to earth I love it.

They also really explain Paleo in a way that I love. They start off each podcast with some normal girl talk and fun witty conversation and then they get into questions from readers of the blog and they read the questions and answer in detail. They are so informative but in a helpful and fun way. They don't make you feel like a dummy and they really just give you honest answers and they tell you how it is and give advice on what to buy.


-You Eat Weird Topic of the Day-

"When people are afraid of something they are stuck eating what they know. So if your afraid of fats and cholesterol you end up sticking to beans and grains." Diane Sanfilippo

First of all  let me start off with this AWESOME quote that I have heard from Diane and it made go OMG that is SOOOO SOOOO True. I was definitely one of these people and when I get in a funk and hate the way things are going I resort back to my old ways. It's totally true though, sometimes its just one of those days when you have a moment and you need to remember why you have made the changes that you have. 

They also went on to discuss pregnancy and food aversion during pregnancy and they discussed how many have food aversions and how one reader who eats paleo had an issue with eating her usual bacon and eggs for breakfast and resorted back to eating crackers for breakfast and leaning on them while they were sick. They then went on to say that most food aversions are more mental than they are real. So they suggested to just power through the food aversion and stick with it and that ironically they would have nausea a lot less than the typical pregnant women out there.

Hmmm. This made me think, I know a few people who have gone through pregnancy and still are and they complained of the same things and I know for sure that it must be difficult to bring yourself to eat Paleo when you’re not feeling it, but reverting back to grains is probably not a good idea.

I plan on being Paleo when pregnant and eating clean thereafter and raising Paleo Kiddies, (Mind you I am not pregnant and not near there yet… Need a ring from my Paleo BF first) But it certainly makes you think.


-Has anyone gone through a Paleo pregnancy and a non Paleo Pregnancy?
-How did you feel?

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  1. I'm addicted to those podcasts too! Did you see they put out another one today?! #53 I think! I was not paleo pregnant but I do have two kids. We decided not to have them strictly eat paleo. I just don't know much about kids and paleo. I feel like their little growing bodies are too fragile for something as restrictive as paleo. They eat what we do but get whole milk, brown rice, and whole wheat pasta. I need to research it a little more before I switch my kids to it!