Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Hey All! Have you slept and had your 8 million cups of caffine to get you out of bed after the Election?
Sir Ace Face Laying on My Lap
Last night I cuddled up on the couch with a bowl of Gronk Smash Beef Stew ( it was a disappointing attempt) I made it in the past on the stove and I liked that much more than this previous batch cooked in the slow cooker. Anywho Ace face cuddled with me on the couch, he layed with me and Rip...
He chewed on his Toys on my lap...

Passed out on his bed...

Followed me around the house and into my room where he found my stray socks... and layed down and watched me clean and put clothes away.
It was a good night... a very relaxing one and I like spending cuddle time with my Ace face, he even hopped into bed with me instead of staying up with Mike which is awesome.


So for the real reason you are here, Paleo advice and today's topic is cravings. My biggest worry with the Winter is gaining weight. I usually indulge a little more in the cooler months because there is no need to worry about fitting in a swim suit. Plus doesn't a warm cup of Hot Chocolate with extra marshmallows and fresh baked gooey cookies sound amazing?

Anywho I stumbled upon episode 34 of the Balanced Bites podcast and they made a great reference to cravings and sugar detoxing to building a campfire. The reasons we crave sugars and carbs is because we eat them. Check out the Podcast it is pretty amazing. They also talk about supplements as well..

Balanced Bites Podcast

I love Diane and Liz they are great and they each are pretty awesome women in their own right Diane has an awesome cookbook Practical Paleo. and Liz writes her own blog CaveGirlEats as well as having her own spot in Paleo Magazine. These woman are amazing and so talented. Check them out and google them and learn as much as you can I always try to.


It's snowy and cold here in Boston how is the weather near you guys?

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