Tuesday, November 27, 2012

First Parade in over 15 years

Elite Senior Team 
Me strutting my stuff :)
I had not much practice with the team on the parade routine so I had to learn it and drill it on my own from watching on the iPad and I did pretty well...I dropped the baton once but that's because it got stuck on my sweatshirt... I should have practiced with that on....

I did well though... although if you look in the picture above I am pissed that my hand is not on my hip.... Sheesh... But I think I did a good job for my first parade in like 15 years. I was little last time I walked in a parade.

Mike Gets a Great Big THANK YOU  for coming with me and watching me and snapping pictures of me... it was cold and he was alone but he was a trooper... I took this on Wednesday night as proof that Ace will cuddle with Mike. Mike says Ace won't cuddle with him but this proves that he will... Ace loves him so much. They stayed asleep like that for hours and I baked a pie and cleaned a little... I have such an exciting family. Passed out by 9pm...


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