Thursday, November 8, 2012

GMO's and Pot... yes Pot...

I know that title is not something that everyone wants to read about or believes is a BIG DEAL... The fact of the matter is that with the election on Tuesday more changed than just the Re-election of Barak Obama.

Yes: 1,307,728 54.92%  No: 1,073,430 45.08%
Whether you want to believe it or not, many people believe in making Marijuana legal, for either medical reasons, or just for recreation. Check what voters in Colorado believe... I bet we see an increase in travel and relocation in the next few years. 

Anywho, back to the important issue, Prop 37 in Florida DID NOT pass... :(
People were more deadlocked on whether to legalize Pot then they were about making sure that "natural" foods and the food we put in our bodies is clearly labeled and to ban GMO's Period. Why would you be swayed to allow more toxins oh I am sorry Pot is perfectly fine because it is grown in the ground. Yeah well so was your corn, until they realized that they can create a better crop of corn that would withstand bugs and climate control and end up being less beneficial to the body. Then they found that they can take the same awful corn that they made for cheaper and feed it other animals that CAN'T digest it properly and results in less healthy and nutritious food for them and in turn for us. Remember my blog about Food Inc. Yep folks you are what you eat.

I am all heated about this issue after a great friend pointed me to an awesome blog She wrote an awesome blog all about Prop 37 and it got me all fired up again. I go through phases where I think about why I write this blog and if it really matters and if people really read. I made it as a way to hold myself accountable but I wonder sometimes if it makes a difference. Reading her entry made me realize, that it doesn't matter if no one reads it. This is for me and if I end up changing someones mind and making them eat organic and buy grass fed beef and support local farms then I did what I set out to do. Don't be scared into your decisions. Ask questions, challenge authority and take control of your life back.


Are you happy with the turn out of the election?

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