Thursday, November 15, 2012

Hey Sexy Ladies...And the Hulk

Ok so I have to say, Last night was a great night. After sitting in 2 hours of traffic to get home, Mike and I decided to have a cheat meal and order in Takeout from our Favorite Chinese Place. I told him I wanted to have a movie night and I even brought a movie home with me that I wanted to watch.
Ya know because of all the press on Kevin Clash, Elmo's puppeteer
Our wires got crossed and he thought I wanted him to pick up a movie so we ended up watching this since he rented it.
Not as funny as Bridesmaids, but it was a good mellow movie and one that made you think, there is no such thing as the perfect wedding or the perfect time to get married... (ah-hem Mikey) Its a good Red Box flick...

No You Can't Become The Hulk

So when I started Paleo and this blog I was submerged in the Crossfit world. I bought a groupon deal and it was a way for me to train the crossfit way for a few months at a cheaper rate. While I loved getting my sweat on and PR'ing and doing things I had never done and pushing myself to the limit everyday I had to give up my crossfit love because it just wasn't financially possible.

While I cross fitted I used to get questions like "Are you afraid you will get too big" or comments warning me "not to lift too much I could get hurt" and "not to become big and bulky like most weight lifters.

While I appreciate the concern I am capable of knowing my limit and being smart and knowing when and what to do. Sure there were many times on the Bench press I wanted to surpass my 70lb goal, but I did what I could and tried as hard as my body would allow. I listened to my muscles and worked out smart.

Now to address the "Hulk" Matter, in order for me tobecome a  crazy body builder physique like Chyna from WWE I would have to lift heavy and often with ZERO Cardio and up my caloric intake to an insane amount while also taking steroids and drinking protien drinks and going extreme measures.
I love the Paleo community for taking another look at how exercise and food has changed and how we should all change with it. Yes I miss Crossfit but I still find ways to keep moving. Whether it's running and hiking trails with the dog at the dog park or mowing the lawn in the fastest time ever, moving is moving.

Check out this awesome Article by Sarah From Everday Paleo. She has a pretty interesting story here and her food is awesome. Check out her Blog and Buy her Cookbooks!


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