Tuesday, November 6, 2012

If You Have Nothing Nice To Say...

Happy Election Day!!

I hope all of my YouEatWeird readers at some point in the day exercise your right to vote. I always say especially the woman since back in the day only White Men could vote but its important on this day for everyone to get up and be an AMERICAN and vote. Have a say in what happens in the future and stand together with the rest of the country as a united front. Not only is it important to exercise your right to vote but it sends a message that no matter what we all care about our country to have an opinion and make our opinions heard! 

(Disclaimer: I will vent on a few things here, if you would rather not hear my rant scroll down to the picture of my Ace Face... Who is too young to vote)

All of the election talk and opinion spewing has made me very upset. I am a person who loves to talk and debate but in a friendly way. I take no personal offense to what someone else believes unless they stray and make personal attacks on me. It sickens me to hear the candidate bashing on the TV and the radio. My mom told me " if you have nothing nice to say than don't say anything at all". I was also told not to discuss politics or religion with anyone but hey I live to break the rules. 

In all seriousness, when I approach someone on the topic of Politics, I usually test them out and see if they are open to discussing it on level ground. Issues and debates, and leave the which side are you on question for later. When I talk to family and friends I simply ask " Who did you vote for, and don't feel obligated to answer if you would rather not". I don't care who you vote for. I was talking to a family friend this weekend who said something that has stuck with me. He told me this...

"Four years ago three people in my house voted for Obama and one for McCain. While I don't agree with my family I have never and will never place blame on them or say they made the wrong decision. They got up on election day and voted and that's all that matters".

I respect people that are willing to give their own opinion and try and make others who might be undecided a little more educated without saying that they "must vote one way" or that "anyone who votes for this person is bad or dumb". 

While I am one to voice my opinion on many subjects (who me say how I feel...never) I also listen. What is the point of debating with someone if your not going to listen to what the other has to say. Simply stating your opinion as evidence that you said something doesn't mean you have any more right than any other person. I am a passionate person and while I like to think that I am always right, I know that I am not. I am always trying to think about others and how what I say and do can affect someone else. As the last day of mud slinging and name calling comes to a close remember this one thing. Regaurdless of what you believe, who you are, where you live, and who you vote for, tomorrow we will have a NEW President. 

Yes I know if Obama is re-elected "technically" speaking he is not new, but in my opinion any one elected or re-elected is a NEW president. It's a new term and a new day anything can happen. Get out and vote and tomorrow it will all be over and we can move on. Be thankful for the freedoms we do have and fight for the ones that need to change. Make your voice heard everyday not just on election day! 

Now as Promised Ace Face!!!
If your candidate doesn't win I will cuddle with you and kiss your face ! 

Aww shucks... Can't we all get along  ( Ronan... Puppy we babysat over the weekend)


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