Friday, November 9, 2012

New Toys

So TGIF.... thank the lord it is Friday! Last night was RUFF.... I went home with a Migrane and I am not even sure how I made it home since I could barely see and think since my head was pounding so hard. I went to bed at 5pm.

Today I am feeling much better and I am SUPER DUPER HAPPY that it's Friday. Today is a great day and I am super busy at work but it's all good stuff. We went and bough Ace Face a Big Boy Leash ( since he is chewing through his Baby one) and a new Bowling Pin Squeaker Toy.

This is the pattern that we have for Ace Face..
We buy Lupine products because they are THE BEST! They have a chew proof guarantee and they really hold up their end of the bargain.

Mike was on his own last night for dinner and I didn't even eat. Tonight I have no intention of cooking so we are going to pick up some Chinese food and then I Need to Find a dress to wear to a wedding next weekend.

Anywho, Short and Sweet... What does you guys love as your go to for Take Out? I love Chinese Food and I will try everyplace there is until I find the one I love.


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