Tuesday, November 20, 2012

No One Is Perfect!

I love listening to the Balanced Bites Podcasts They are really great and it always shows and helps to make my point. I know SO many people look at what I eat and how I deal with situations and manage to eat clean everyday. I am not perfect and I do have some indulgences and Diane really helped to prove my point and I can't agree more with how she explains it. Thanksgiving is coming up and so yes I can have some non Paleo foods if I am going over to someones house, its not that big of a deal.

From Balanced Bites Blog 

"If you are a Paleo Perfectionist, your approach (and, subsequently, how you explain Paleo to others) may look something like this:
  • Never touch a grain, grain-derived food, grain-derived ingredient or even something that ever touched a grain.
  • Never eat meat that hasn’t been raised perfectly on its original and evolutionarily appropriate diet.
  • Never eat produce that is not organic and locally grown.
  • Never eat refined seed oils.
  • Never eat sugar, or anything that looks, tastes, or or acts like sugar.
  • If you break any of these rules, you’re doing it wrong, you fail, and you may as well not even bother.
That’s a whole lotta nevers! "   - Diane Sanfilippo

 I know that I am not perfect in my work life and when I am stressed or crunched for time I may go and grab a burger, but not just any burger, a REALLY GOOD BURGER from the place that I love. If I choose to eat something not Paleo I push myself to work out or to run or move with the dogs.

They also touched on "cheats" and if you think of cheats as a give and take your going to find yourself falling back into that hole. For me on Thanksgiving I know that  when dessert is served I will be tempted so I will bring a Paleo Treat, so I cheat with a lesser known evil for me.

You should listen to Diane's Paleo Podcasts and Check Out Nom Nom Paleo's iPad App



  1. This is a great post. I have listened to all of the balanced bites podcasts. It's where I got the most information on paleo. I love that Diane and Liz are real and honest. They don't sugar coat things! I'm totally eating non-paleo pumpkin pie AND stuffing on Thanksgiving. And I don't even feel bad about it :)

  2. Nice Enjoy it... BUT if you change your mind check back for an AMAZING recipe for Paleo Pumpkin Pie... Its a keeper and I will be eating it on Thanksgiving! Delish...

    I will also be posting my Pre Thanksgiving Feast Post so keep your eyeballs peeled!!!

    Thanks For Reading...
    If You have any questions feel free to ask away!