Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Paleo Check In and General Check Up

Howdy Folks... Who else wanted to just stay in bed on this Rainy Tuesday and wake up just in time for Rachel Ray at 9am and then hang around the house. (Yup that's what this Girl wanted to do )

But I go up and got ready and went to work. As I was finishing my hair and makeup I started to feel wowzy and like I had a headache, so I popped some pills and passed on the coffee and now I am feeling much better.

So back to the Topic at hand. PALEO... I bet your all wondering how I have been doing since I drastically changed my eating habits back in February. Well I am happy to report that I am still on the Paleo "Bandwagon"

Does my food choices look like I am on a diet of any kind? Cookies, cupcakes, and Pizza... yeah sign me up, and I can eat Bacon and eggs and NOT worry about my cholesterol. Which is awesome! Sure I eat off Paleo sometimes but I live by the motto to eat 80% Paleo everyday at least. IF I break down and have a Jersey Bagel I make sure that I eat Paleo for Lunch and Dinner and forgo the dessert. I love the way I eat and I get to eat all of the best foods and not worry. Not to mention that I have learned how to cook more and more meals and I am becoming a little more adventurous.

What are your Paleo questions?
Would you ever make a lifestyle change and drastically Change your diet?
Have you started Paleo? What are some of your results?



  1. So glad I found your blog girl! It's actually kind of hard to find good paleo blogs. I shoot for 90/10 paleo. That gives me a little wiggle room but I know I have to be a little strict too. Can't wait to keep following :)

  2. Awww why thanks... yes I am 90/10 pretty much. I always feel better when I eat better but sometimes you have a bad day and you just need a piece of chocolate or a beer. I hope you like my blog... If your a cooker check out some of my recipes, they are BOMB!