Monday, November 26, 2012

Rewind and Recap

Thanksgiving was so much fun and I always love to see my mom and my cousins and I def need to get better at seeing my family from NE more often... Plus Mike misses seeing my cousins as well.

I have the best MOMMA EVER! I mentioned how I needed to buy Flannel Sheets because our old house is so cold at night and she bought me these...
Sock Monkey Flannel Sheets
Along with two other sets, one with snowman and one with just stripes. She is the best mommie in the whole wide world :)
Thanks Momma! This was at my college graduation.... Ohhh so long ago...
Anywho Over the weekend I broke our the Christmas decorations. I have a strict rule to wait until after Thanksgiving to decorate for christmas. Each holiday needs there own time and I always leave my pumpkins out until the last minute :) I love Fall the BEST!!!

So we started to decorate the inside and Mike and I put up lights outside and they look great!!!
Thanks to Momma and Poppa Martin for lending us some lights :) we are as bright as a shinning star :)

Momma Martin and Me and my mom and Mikey... 
I love christmas I will post more pictures once we get our tree... which we are cutting down on SUN I can't wait. It's going to be so much fun. I love christmas trees.


Whats your favorite Holiday?

PS. I had some Lemon Meringue Pie on thanksgiving (one of my fav's but one I never make since no one else will eat it)  and I am determined to make it Paleo friendly :)

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