Thursday, November 1, 2012

Trick or Treat

Last night I got home in a flash and put my Halloween lights back up so that Trick or Treaters could see on our dark walk way. Then I grabbed my nightstand from the bedroom for candy put up the Puppy gate and changed into my PJs while I waited for Droves of kids to come. I even had Mike and Handstand Dan to promise that they wouldn't eat a piece of candy until Halloween was over.

We watched the last half part of The Adams Family....
Wednesday is my Favorite 

and then Hocus Pocus... The boys just loved the young Sarah Jessica Parker
Mike answered the door to a group of small trick or treaters and Ace flipped out and went crazy and the kids were holding there ears because Ace still has his ear piercing baby bark.

Then we all got bored... Ace chased his tail for a while waiting at the top of the stairs for more kids.

I lit some candles, My pumpkin candle holder to make it more cozy and soothing... and creepy.. I want to buy a black flame candle like in Hocus Pocus... Just not one that awakes dead witches...

I also lit the candles for the first time ever in the fireplace... which Mike doesn't remember having in any other apartment because we haven't had them in any other apartment. I love they way they look but Mike says it reminds him of Christmas and started singing "O Christmas Tree"

Finally we gave up and dove into the candy bowl until we pretty much had belly aches, Well Dan and Mike had belly aches I had some self control and limited my candy consumption.

Best Quote of the Night...
Me: "Well I guess I will take the leftover Candy into work with me to give away"
Mike: " Umm No Ash... I am not giving away my Candy for free"

Bahahahah I think Mike needs a refresher on the point of Halloween. I do love that boy though he always makes me laugh!!!


How many Trick or Treaters did you get?
Do you think Trick or Treating is as big as it was when we were kids?

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