Sunday, December 9, 2012

Booooo Technology...

This was the best part of my day... Roasted Pork Butt and Garlic Broccoli, Yea dinner was YUM and I have a whole ton of leftovers... I also had to give Ace Face a bath because he had a meat shower and was licking the juices that was running off the counter and on his head and down his face and onto the floor.... HE was in Heaven.... and Now he's clean!!!
"Meat Head"

Today was a bunch of annoying rolled into ONE!!!! I am 80% done with a editing project and just as I am about to finish and the software would get all corrupt and stop working... I just need a solid hour to finish this and yet its still not working... I have been moving from one computer to another... I am BEYOND FRUSTRATED...

More to follow...


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