Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Boring Foods

So I haven't been posting my meals lately and there is a good excuse for that I have been lame...
Mike and I made Roasted Pork Butt in the oven on Sunday and it was like a 4 or 5 pounder... and so that's what I have been eating for lunch. Pork Butt with BBQ sauce and a banana. I need to go grocery shopping but I am being frugal and eating what I have at home because all of my money is going towards Christmas gifts... Plus I am really trying to stay on budget...

Monday night I met up with a friend in "Southie" for dinner, she was in town for business and staying in South Boston so we went out for dinner...

Last night I went Christmas Shopping with Mike and our friend Scott... I am almost done shopping just a few more to check off my list. Then we came home and I made my christmas card for this year... Here's a hint on the theme for this years card!!!


Are you all done shopping for christmas? Do you like wrapping gifts?

I LOVE wrapping christmas gifts and finding new ways to wrap to make them look cool and pretty!!!

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