Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Dinner with the Boss

I love the days when I plan a cheat on Paleo and end up eating a pretty clean meal. I love this. I went to dinner with my new boss and a co-worker and I ate Gluten Free and Perfectly Paleo, I ordered Steak Tips (Rare… MMM I love me my steak in its most lively form) with some potato and veggies.

---Now I know White potatoes are not typically Paleo but just like I have said before Paleo is very much a personal choice and a personal diet. For me white potato here and there in fine and has a much better than a simple cheat of bread or pasta. So once in a while I just roll with it.----

I am sure some people wonder how I choose what to eat when I eat out and so that is what todays post will consist of.

How I Eat Out---

So I rarely explain to people that I eat Paleo, mostly because it’s confusing and many don’t understand how or why some foods can be bad for you… So I usually will make my choices and not really explain why I eat why I do. This can be a problem in a few situations…

Picking the Restaurant:
So most of the time you can choose the most protein dense meal, like a steak or a chicken and ask for more veggies and no grains or just leave them behind.

Sometimes you find yourself at a place with many bread or pasta options and so if I feel like I have no good choices then I order a salad to start and then pair it with  a protein filled pasta and eat all the protein and a little pasta.

Avoiding the Dessert Menu:
Of course when the drinks are flowing your inhibitions lower and you want to peak at the dessert menu, most of the time I opt out of the desserts but sometimes it’s hard to resist. My kryptonite is Crème Brule. I love it and when I see it I have to get it. If you choose dessert or you know you’re going to a place that has really good dessert, eat clean and make sure to finish your meal and finish your protein before you dive into dessert. We like to starve or save room for dessert and then your denying yourself the nutritional values for the day.

Enjoy it:
You’re not cooking, you’re not cleaning, it’s your day off so if you’re going to go out then just make sure you work out, eat clean for breakfast and for lunch, and just enjoy it and don’t stress over your choices and make sure to drink water and maintain a clean meal after the fact.

What are your fears or issues with eating out?
Do you tell people that you eat Paleo?


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