Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Do It For Yourself

Todays Post was inspired by a fellow blogging friend. First of all let me just say... CONGRATS GM for BQ-ING!!! Hell Yeah Lady! I am so excited to go to the 2013 Boston Marathon You Wanted it and you went for it and got it!!! So glad you accomplished your goal and I CAN NOT WAIT to Cheer you on!!! :)

Check out her amazing story here!!! And show her some love!! In True Jersey-Lovin-Elvis-Duran-Morning-show-fashion.... GM is MY BADASS CHICK OF THE DAY!!!

Love the Shirt.... SOOOO PERFECT!!!
Anywho... I was inspired by this chick because lately I have been kinda bumming out. I am the kind of person who loves to get excited and go all out for any holiday or occasion and I feel SOOO Bad if I plan on doing something and then change my mind. So with Christmas on the way I am super excited and super in the holiday spirit and totally trying to balance it all. I want to have a great blog, and meet my Paleo goals, and learn and master more tricks in twirling, and create some new yummy recipies, and sooo many more things. I have found that I keep layering on tooo many things at once and I just need to relax and focus on one thing at a time....

My Coach Tina!!!
 Can I say that it's Tuesday and aside from  Saturday being a weekend day, I am SUPER excited for Twirling practice. I am getting more used to and getting to know my team and I love them and I so love getting back into the swing of learning and working on routines. Can I just say that I spent all day with my team last Saturday and minus the cold and minor frostbite I had such a blast. So is it Saturday yet?


What is your ultimate stress reliever?
-Mine is twirling or cooking and hosting parties...

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  1. Thanks lady! Definitely can't wait for Boston :)