Monday, December 10, 2012

If You Drink... Don't Drive

I am sure you have heard the story... In fact if you can't recognize this person, I am sure all I need to say is NFL drunk driver and you get the idea... Not because this particular person is know for more than one drinking and driving violation ( even though he is ) but many NFL stars and Celebrities alike are known for getting behind the wheel after partying it up..

I have ZERO tolerance for drunk drivers and those who get in the car with drunk drivers. I lost my cousin to a drunk driver and so sorry if I offend anyone, but everyone has a choice. I never wish death on anyone and it angers me that some choose to risk there lives and forever change the lives of others for a night of drinking... Furthermore I find it ironic that stars like these, have the money to "pop bottles" and go out drinking and can't be smart enough to hire a driver or even a cab for that matter. I am not saying don't go out and drink, but if you're not intelligent enough to know when enough is enough then maybe your not responsible enough to drink.

I am saddened that these two men were so selfish in there actions and didn't think about anyone else when they decided to get in the car. I am so angry that it's 2012 and we still see a rising rate of death around drunk drivers... what is SO HARD for people to understand? How many people have to die? How many innocent lives need to be taken before people decide to make a change? I just don't get it, it baffles my mind and it makes me SO ANGRY..

Holiday Safety Tips

* If you plan on drinking at a Holiday party make sure you have a designated driver, If your going to more than one party simply switch off with your significant other or  a friend.

* Make sure your DD is COMPLETELY sober if there is any kind of winter weather around. The chances of getting into an accident when there is bad weather are much higher. So make sure that you avoid cocktails when traveling home in winter weather. ( Leave the party early and enjoy a cocktail at home in front of the tree with a Christmas movie)

* If traveling on Christmas Eve be aware of drunk or buzzed drivers. Also be careful around some who may just be severely tired.

* If attending a party on Christmas Eve pack some festive Christmas pajamas and stay the night if your at a family or close friends house. Wake up early and enjoy coffee and offer to make breakfast with the party host or just sneak out early to be with your family. You still have the opportunity to drink and a safe way to end the night.

* Have one cocktail and drink it slowly and then switch to water and save your drinking for when your at home.

* Tis the season to call a cab, if you over indulge in the bubbly just call a cab or better yet a family or friend. Tis the season for being together and being safe!

Drink responsibly and if you choose to get behind the wheel think about the amount of lives that are being affected by your one choice.


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